Toàn quốc A surgical mask is capable of protecting your health very well.

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    A Surgical masks is capable of protecting your health very well. It can have the following effects:

    - Prevent dust, dust from outside the environment, pollution, ...
    - Prevent chemicals, emissions, harmful odors.
    - Surgical masks will protect the user, avoid harmful microorganisms from entering the nose and mouth.

    === >>> Using a mask can help doctors keep their health safe in a sterile environment.
    surgical masks

    Who uses surgical masks ???

    - The surgeon, the person performing the procedure

    - Medical staff or relatives visiting patients with diseases that can be transmitted through droplets such as influenza, respiratory infections, pertussis, meningococcus infection…;

    - Patients with infectious diseases, transmitted via droplets or air while traveling in the hospital.

    surgical masks are masks used mainly in the medical field and are recommended for single use only. And 1 time use like that, you can use in about 6 - 8 hours.

    When buying a medical mask, you can use one of two ways to check the quality of the product:Soak the surgical mask in water. Then, use your hands to gently crumple the mask, if the middle layer falls apart, it will be a poor quality mask. Usually, the production units of fake surgical masks replace the middle layer with toilet paper, so it is easy to absorb water.

    Use a knife to cut the outermost layer. Use your hands to stretch the middle layer, if the mask is real, it will not tear.

    Do not buy poor quality medical mask products because they do not protect health against harmful effects from the environment and even cause medical mask allergies.

    Medical mask price how much money 1 box is something that first-time buyers of this product are interested in. In general, the price of medical masks on the market today is quite diverse, depending on the brand, product line and distributor.

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